About Darek Leslie


I'm Darek Leslie, an Award-nominated, New York Times bestselling thriller author wannabe. Yes, you read that right.

My books blend travel and thrills in a fast-paced style. My writing is a combination of personal experiences mixed with imagination and characters I discovered in my many trips through NYC and Boston.

I've always dreamed of writing my own books, but spent many years before I was bold enough to put it all out there.



What I'm Working On Right Now


8 Days In Haiti

After returning from a missionary trip with my youngest daughter from Haiti, we decided that we wanted to write about those experiences. We hope this will shed light on the needs of the country, what it's like to be on a missionary trip for those who haven't gone but would like to, and how to give to the country without the fear of being ripped off by pop-up companies claiming to be raising money for Haiti, but truly just pocketing the profits.

The book will be deeply personal and filled with up-close and personal photos.



My next fiction novel is a sequel to Cure for a Kill. Paige, still in high school in the small town of Ocean Terrace, is working on a celestial school project when the new girl in town is assigned to her group.

But this new girl has a backstory, and with amnesia hiding a horrific past, getting it out of her may prove to be deadly.