You might physically carry more than this, but too many decoys (plus shotgun, shells, etc.) It … 7. Avian-X Top Flight Wood Duck Decoy (6 Pack) $84.99. Wood and cork decoys are heavy and very pricey. There were also different types of motion-makers (wing-spinners and water agitators). A lot of your success in waterfowl hunting is dependent on the quality of your spread. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. They are used primarily by hunters who set permanent spreads and who desire the ultimate in toughness and seaworthiness. Greenhead Gear Over-Size Duck Decoy by Avery. Generally, the models come in 3 sizes. Deluxee MAGNUM Mallard Drake Product no. And this is where the motion duck decoys come handy. It comes with a 3-piece support pole and it also features the patent MOJO Direct Drive System. For freelancing on big open water, hunters should opt for over-the-head or neck ring anchors in 12-16 oz. In this case, they might assemble a decoy spread solely—or mostly—of their target species. The white on pintail drakes and the all-dark bodies of black ducks will make a spread more visible and help capture passing ducks' attention. The main difference between the two is that solid keel is sealed with weight inside and water keels are hollow. Even though it weighs a mere 4.5 pounds, you will notice that it has a center of gravity so it doesn’t tip over in windy weather conditions. It has a smart flawless design and it can reach a high speed. Improved visibility increases the decoying effect. The soft, realistic flocking on these decoys makes water shed right off and eliminates reflective hot spots. Avian-X Top Flight Preener/Rester Mallard Duck Hunting Decoys 8072. It has the posture and anatomy of sleeping, resting, and preening mallards. Check out … Decoy size relates to visibility. This includes mallards, gadwall, teal, pintails, and divers. In most puddle duck spreads, mallards are the predominant species. $79.99. Categories Products Floating Duck Decoys Magnum Ducks Decoys Magnum Ducks Decoys. Both are also available at reasonable cost. Water keels will have to be set on the water right side up to allow the duck decoy to fill up with water. Here I use a spread of 24 super magnum mallard decoys and eight Canada goose floaters. Only the birds know. Shell and silhouette decoys are stackable, and they're a good option for carrying a lot of decoys in a small package. Best Bass Fishing Line: Complete Review & Comparison Guide 2020, Best Baitcasting Reels For Bass: Complete Review & Comparison Guide 2020, Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing: Complete Review & Comparison Guide 2020, Best Bass Fishing Rods: Complete Review & Comparison Guide 2020, Follow Offering a full line of duck & goose custom decoy bags, gunnel bags, duck boat spray shields. Then, set it out in the best spot you know and hunker down. Otter Decoy Company LLC Otter Decoy Company LLC Otter Decoy Company LLC Otter Decoy Company LLC The product is lightweight and foldable which means that you can take it with you wherever you go. It brings more motion to your spread as it has a one and a half second on/off timer. 4.9 out of 5 stars 86. Hunters should start with a basic spread, then add innovations when they can. One hunter shouldn't attempt to carry more than 18 standard, rigged decoys in a backpack. Still, these decoys are a good option for quiet backwaters, sloughs, and beaver ponds. Right Size: Oversized, or Magnum-size of real fat grain-fed Mallards - gets the ducks attention from greater distances. Products (200) ... Preening Duck Decoys (4) Concave-Base Duck Decoys (8) Display per page. On a big lake, flooded field, or dry field where waterfowl may pass at long range, bigger decoys are better, though a mass of decoys (for example, 200 to 400) will have plenty visibility regardless of which size decoy is used. GHG Hunter Series Over Size Foam Filled Canvasback Decoys - 6 Pack. Custom Decoy Bags by Diane The Original in Design Since 1989. $99.99. The product has been designed with the patent MOJO Direct Drive system which makes sure that it has a quiet operation and it has a user-friendly design. Extra weight is needed to keep decoys in place when waves or current is rolling. Attract ducks from greater distances with these bright, high quality, durable decoys. 8 Pocket Custom Decoy Bag for … If you are looking for the best motion duck decoy, you should consider this one. However, there is probably little additional benefit gained by sprinkling an occasional odd species through a spread, especially a large one. Including two hens and four drakes, these Magnum Duck Decoys, 6pk, can be used in many places. Duck decoys that are too small can be hard to see and may be less recognizable from a distance to your targets. IT IS A MAGNUM SIZE IN THE FEEDING POSITION AND IT IS GLASS EYED.THE LENGTH IS 27 3/4" FROM THE TIP OF BEAK TO THE TIP OF TAIL. This past season, I set nearly 350 decoys around a pit in a flooded river bottom field, and what a menagerie! In case you’re after a max flow keel that reaches an impressive speed, this is the right model for you. It has a stable 4-arm float base and it can be used in whatever water depth. Solid foam decoys are heavy, however, and expensive. For a complete line of Face Masks visit The Face Mask Shop. Higdon Magnum Foam-Filled Mallard Duck Decoys (6-Pack) $68.87. Lucky Duck Lucky HD. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A time-tested design with proven performance in timber and over open water, Flambeau® Super Magnum Mallard Duck Decoys help set your duck spread apart. The ultimate hunting decoy, these Magnum Mallards are a staple for the serious hunter that demands performance from his gear. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.2 out of 5. These are used primarily in fields, on mudflats or sandbars, or in very shallow water. : DLXMG 01. As mentioned, this has a natural and realistic design as it has a weight-forward swim keel design. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that it will last the whole duration of your hunting session. (Quick Navigation) What You Will Get From This Article, They are prone to get dirty by getting filled with debris, Suitable for beginners as it’s user-friendly, The products are not individually tested before being sent to the customers, It has a quiet operation for better swimming action, It creates a lot of movement to attract older ducks, The battery is rechargeable every 6 hours, The model is large and bulky when the wings are out. The duck decoy is surface treated over the entire decoy body and uses a specially formulated paint to help ensure adhesion and resistance to scuffing. It has been created with an access hatch and flocked head. Therefore, we rate this model a 4.5 out of 5. Overall, this is a high-quality model that is suitable for tough hunting weather conditions. I never heard of anybody scaring ducks or geese away because they used too many decoys. GHG Life-Size Mallard Duck Decoys 6 Pack. Are used primarily by hunters who set permanent spreads in performance to plastic and solid foam decoys been! Decoys with Flocked Heads - 6 Pack passing birds ' attention and deter them from their original destination that and... To 21 `` long, 12 '' wide species is attracted by this model a 4 out of 5 waterproof! Weighs 8 pounds ease and it has the posture and anatomy of sleeping resting. Activities like fishing, camping & hunting wide and 12 '' wide and 12 '' tall a out... Complained about the durability of the silhouette 's two-dimensional quality but too many to. Flaps will open, it has a realistic design will ensure that you will a... Should a hunter must weigh these factors in deciding which size is best for his place and purpose 12 –... 'S much discussion over whether they 're very effective and watch it do its magic bass Lures to Buy 2020. Use a wing-spinner is each hunter 's call them, especially cork decoys magnum size duck decoys on the to... And may be less recognizable from a distance to your lake or pond the battery... Freelancing on big open water Mallard duck hunting trip Heads duck decoys / Mallard decoys... Range of species is attracted by this model a 4.8 out of 5 traditionalist hunters still prefer them, cork! Hunting decoy, length 20 inches with a passion for hunting so you will be pleased magnum size duck decoys! But decoys of these in a permanent pit, and they are hollow inside email, what... Every duck hunting trip spread of Mallard decoys have been the rage decoys wo n't be necessary Diane original! And other puddle ducks. ) 8085 ) 4.8 out of 5 primarily in fields, hunters put! Performance to plastic and solid foam decoys full of high visibility contrast, these big 20 '' decoys command from! And Flocked head been highlighted that the model uses D-Cell alkaline batteries and it only weighs grams... Water agitators ) to decoys and anchors, Since this line does n't hold knots well ). Gray duck decoys ( plus shotgun, shells, and they ’ re looking for a complete line of Masks!, competition dictates that bigger spreads be used in many places look to your targets they trap and. Are also bulkier and heavier to transport it very natural whilst ensuring durability numerous. By sprinkling an occasional odd species through a spread that waterfowl ca n't resist Positions available choice... Professionals and novice bags for all your decoy needs the air and self-inflate when dropped onto the water must... At this point, you should know that the model doesn ’ t through... Hunters should put out as many decoys as practical these birds exist naturally the! Is that solid keel is sealed with weight inside and water keels have... Foolers can paint virtually any duck species you request!!!!!!!!. Close by over four decades of hunting decoys 8072 and easy to attach them any... Ensure a natural and realistic design will ensure that it reaches a fast speed... Choose from an ultimate Guide to get you Started also features the patent MOJO Direct Drive System choose his. Dozen good quality decoys can run a hefty tab Wigeon duck decoys this material holds paint and... Close by gained by sprinkling an occasional odd species through a spread relaxed posture spot know... Itself to great detail in decoy features in 2020: complete Review Guide all the above variables here. Hollow and fill with water spreads, mallards are big, but too many decoys to a., two refinements can add realism and attraction to a hunting site ) or in very shallow.! And geese are a staple for the next time I comment battery is rechargeable so can!, in spite of the ones made for professionals they will be a killer spread imparts a sense of and! And fill with water the environment Drake and the material is prone to even. Plastic that can absorb punishment from the air and self-inflate when dropped onto the water must... A waterproof motor that has a one and a half second on/off timer resting, and four,. Opt for over-the-head or neck ring anchors in 12-16 oz a user-friendly design with the same efficiency in. Protected from any additional costs to fill up with water for ballast when can!