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The Company We Keep

A pre-9/11 story of how I was tracked by a 'sleeper cell' the FBI knew about and yet failed to help me. This is the authentic story.

Cure for a Kill

Ocean Terrace harbors secrets. Deep secrets. Rotten roots weaved its way from the monstrous drug company through the police department and into the ocean waters. And when a lifeless body of a teenage girl washes ashore, it's only the beginning.


A misdirected package full of cash. Mistaken identity and a Fortwo full of weapons. Hunted by French Secret Police, Italian Police, Vatican Police, Interpol and a mercenary assassin. Manipulated by U.S. Intelligence. Things couldn't get worse for Chris Whittaker. Or could it?

The Three Sixes

Carve up the world into three parts under brilliant arch-villains and start the devastating global caliphate. A simple strategy. Darek co-authors with Mark Alan Leslie to deliver your next Christian thriller read!

8 Days In Haiti

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!