Cure For A Kill

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Cure for a Kill follows the new sophomore in Ocean Terrace, Paige, whose father landed a job at PharmaMDx. Her dad's job looks great on the surface - company home with Olympic-size pool, convertible jaguar, even a live-in maid.

But there's something odd going on in town. Just this summer, a girl turned up pale-blue and floating lifeless on the ocean waters. And then there are the graves being dug up, coffins emptied, in the middle of the night.

A normal life at school, competing in the swim team and being chased by boys just isn't possible as Paige soon finds herself in a race against time. She and her friends discover a multi-billion dollar cover-up by PharmaMDx - patients dying, witnesses murdered, and now her and her dad's life in danger.

I hope you find my novel as exciting to read as I did to write!

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