A few of the many videos & photos we took while in Haiti


Drive from Port au Prince to Leogane

Playing games with the Leogane orphans

Children having fun at the Canaan school

This video was made by my youngest daughter who traveled with me to Haiti. This was showcased at our church.

Our trip, though only eight days long, took us through Port au Prince, Leogane and Canaan. We were blessed to meet the many wonderful Haitian children, fellow Christians and be able to serve those in need as best we could.

Going there was an adjustment to our comfort levels. Coming back was an adjustment to luxuries. The trip proved to be life changing in every facet, especially spiritually, and those we traveled with became as close as brothers and sisters could be.

Port au Prince

Port au Prince landscape

Port au Prince

Port au Prince streetside


On way to Leogane


Fun with the Leogane orphans


Serving the Leogane children


Making new friends for life

School children

Canaan school children

Lunch time

For some, lunch is their only meal of the day


Prayers to Jesus