Poems and short stories are posted here for your amusement... or to pass the time while on the potty.


The Blueberry

A comedy that knows nothing can kill romance like a blueberry stuck in the teeth. Or a nostril. Tiny imperfections follow this couple until the very end.


Mongolian Lovers

This short poem is about the tradition of a Mongolian lovers' chase. The man will chase the woman on the horse and pull her down with a rope on a pole. It sounds more violent than it is as the courtship is playful and consensual.



There's nothing as electrifying as kissing the woman you love in the midst of a storm. This is something I had pictured my wedding night to be like.


Wooing My Juliet

Wooing My Juliet is a poem written for a poem anthology published around 1996. It's elementary and quaint and supposed to be reminiscent of simple times.


Snake Eyes

Inspired by a disturbing scene personally witnessed on one of my many nighttime subway rides through Boston, this poem captures an eye game between two lustful people who exit together without words.